Local, regional and global opportunities


With more than 20 years of experience in the international trade business, we have assisted over 5,000 clients and made more than 40,000 deals.

Our Financial Solutions make the entire import & export process simple. This means that our clients can focus their attention on growing their business.


As part of the Agros International Group, we have our own plantations, factories and container yards, which have allowed our trade to grow at a rapid rate.

In addition, Agros Capital Solutions provides financial options for seamless import and export trade deals.

Projects Completed


We take a clear cut approach to international trade and import and export. Time is money and with our guidance making even the tightest of deadlines is within your grasp.

Understanding your situation and exact requirements is key to our success, and we make it our top priority. At Agros, we like to think out the box to give you creative, cost-effective solutions.

That way, you can focus more on your business growth. Through transparency and respect, we will be there to guide you every step of the way to success and higher returns.

Mission & Vision

We are the preferred international trade partner in Thailand.
We strive to provide you with exactly what you need for your import and export business to soar to new heights.

We want to be a known and respected player from our:
• Visionary Solutions.
• Out The Box type of thinking.
• Down to earth mindset.
• Valued by our clients and partners.
• Focus on our client's profit so they have the freedom to grow.
• Creating Synergy in all aspects of a business.

Core Values

Courage, Honesty, Respect and Responsibility are our core values.

• Courage is to tell and stand for your own opinions and to think   outside the box and conquer new markets.

• Honesty is the key factor of our business, internally and   externally.

• Respect is to accept other people's opinions and behavior, and   to follow applicable laws and regulations.

• Responsibility is to contribute to a healthy, positive and
  future-oriented workplace.


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