We believe and trust in Green Synergy


Everything starts from nothing, and we have always believed that where there is a will there is a way!

The same way we are thinking about the future challenge our planet faces, since new generations getting more part of the Agros Management Group. and have another approached of the importance of thinking in sustainable business which works in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly way.

We have taken the first steps and start implement our slogan “Sustainable Thinking”.

This is slogan are made to start a process in our global organization to engage employees, clients and all around us to become greener and more socially responsible.

Actually, internal in our management group we call it “Agros Group Green Mission” and are part of long-term synergy strategy.

The Planet is our all home, and we all need to protect its natural resources and as a global player it’s our responsibility in Agros Group to act and not only talk.

Sustainability is often broken into three core concepts or "pillars": economic, environmental, and social.

For us in Agros Group it’s today something we are thinking about, but in the nearest future it’s going to be very important part of all our planning, strategies and investments.

Environmental – Economic – Social sustainability most be part of all our activities and investments in the future in all we do secure planet for the next Agros generation.


Ecological integrity is maintained, all of earth’s environmental systems are kept in balance while natural resources within them are consumed by humans at a rate where they are able to replenish themselves.


Human communities across the globe are able to maintain their independence and have access to the resources that they require, financial and other, to meet their needs. Economic systems are intact and activities are available to everyone, such as secure sources of livelihood.


Universal human rights and basic necessities are attainable by all people, who have access to enough resources in order to keep their families and communities healthy and secure.

Healthy communities have just leaders who ensure personal, labour and cultural rights are respected and all people are protected from discrimination.

In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources.


Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development.

Sustainability is the process of living within the limits of available physical, natural and social resources in ways that allow the living systems in which humans are embedded to thrive in perpetuity.

Adopting sustainable practices, whether large or small, can have significant impacts in the long run.

Our Strategy Director Mr. Lang are from Denmark, and with his mindset (DNA) as coming from a small country (5.5 million people) and be one of the biggest global players in the environment friendly solutions and business.

We need accept some are thinking more out the box and other, and therefore we are proud to put Mr. Lang from Denmark in front for Agros Group to integrate and implement Green-Synergy, since he has full understanding and knowledge of how things can be.

Please, Look those videos to better understand the mindset he has, and way he thinks “No Limitations”

Video Info:

Denmark has high ambitions when it comes to combating climate change. There's still a long way to go, and Denmark is certainly not perfect. No country can realise the green transition on their own, so let's unite our ideas for a greener future and go #GreenTogether.

  • Created by: Lars Lang
  • Uploaded: 13th July 2022
  • Skills: HTML5 / Video
  • Case: Thinking Green

Video Info:

No country can realise the green transition on their own. We need to work together and learn from one another. In Denmark, public-private partnerships are essential to reach our ambitious goals. Let's go #GreenTogether and unite our ideas for a sustainable future.

  • Created by: Lars Lang
  • Uploaded: 13th July 2022
  • Skills: HTML5 / Video
  • Case: Thinking Green


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