Oli and Gas industry

Agros petroleum team provides and deliver different type of oil and gas products from Russia and Middle east countries. our strong background and reliable petroleum sources enables us to give you quality services.

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Bank Financing

We provide bank facilities such as: Bank Guarantees, Letter of Credit, Stand By Letter of Credit and Transfer your payments from point to point. Agros financial team seeks to provide the quality service under Philippines..

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Agros Investment

Agros management are willing to invest on your valued projects and proposal. may it be single trade or long-term trade projects. Since 2014 we had invested on more than 100 short term and long term projects. our door is open for new projects .

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produce and trade internationally fresh fruits

Agros trade and agricultural team works hard to produce and deliver high quality of agricultural products. having our own farms and facilities make us able to produces top quality of products. our focus is mostly produce

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Agros Local trading

AGROS LOCAL TRADING is the local branch of Agros International Import Export. This is a company that has proudly established a good reputation in specializing of quality tropical fruits. Our focus is exporting in the local market from any point in the Philippines. We supply best quality of fresh Banana (Lakatan, Cardava, Latundan, and Saba) pineapple, avocado, and Mango

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international import export

Agros import export team are able to provide and deliver various products from different countries , as we are in trade business since 2014 and mingle with many factories and suppliers around the world, we have a very strong marketing and operation team in order

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Agros Trucking Services

Agros Import Export Container yard host trucks for our trucking services: wing-vans, prime moverss, and canters is at your disposal for its services to deliver, move and carry your products. It is available to cater to and from the whole davao region. With the variety of our trucks we surely can accommodate your needs.

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Medical equipment supply

Agros medical supply department are hardly working with different factory worldwide to comply the needs of our clients and partner clinics during they fights against COVID-19 . we have direct source of ( - Face mask - Medical Gloves - Medical covers - Temperature test..

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Agros Container Yard

Our company Agros Import Export International, has its own container yard located at Doot Bldg. Purok 5, Southern Davao, Panabo City. Just 2km away from Davao International Container Terminal (DICT). We offer plug in services and can cater your containers. Currently, we have the cheapest hourly rate. Contact us for more information.

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Company  Overview

 Agros import export international corp is a renowned name in international trading  and investment industry for last 6 years.  our reliable sources and factories , strong operation and logistics team  , and multinational marketing partners give us enough power to be  one of top trading corporation in international market .    

Through share hard work, commitment and determination of our founder and employees Agros has come to this position.  One characteristic that can be found among all individuals involved with Agros is the zeal to achieve excellence. This purse of excellence gives us the energy to provide excellent quality, shorter lead time and superb delivery for our valued customer. Its also maintain the quality of garments in a proper time with a right procedure.

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